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Recent updates

Exploding zombies
You read correctly, Powerless now has exploding zombies ! There's a 1:100 chance that any zombie spawning will randomly spawn with a dynamite stick in their h...
4 files
We've added a new weapon mod to Powerless! Upgrade your guns into lasers and obliterate zombies easier than ever! Of course, you're still at the mercy of the...
4 files
Is that a... katana?
Merry Christmas, you're now able to butcher zombies with a katana! The katana is the default melee weapon, you can swing it by pressing 'X' (or mouse 4 or 5, y...
4 files
Exploding Bullets!
Today marks our first foray into weapon mods! We've added exploding bullets to Powerless as well as a few bug fixes. Many more weapon mods are planned for the...
4 files
New game mode
With this release, you can play Powerless in 3 game modes: Purge : No time limit, kill a certain number of zombies to win the game Survival : Free play, survive...
4 files
We've just added the framework and intro screen for a tutorial. More to come!...
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